In an official IGN video series, the developers at Square Enix have begun to discuss the immense development cycle behind final Fantasy XV. The video, entitled “The Long Road to Final Fantasy XV – Part 1”, details the humble beginnings of a game that was originally supposed to be only a side story in an already established series.

One of the biggest subjects brought up in the video is not only the legacy of Final Fantasy games, but also how XV plans to reclaim the title as one of the greatest RPG series ever made. Showcasing the development team, Square knew that in order to create, what they hope will be, a masterpiece, they would need a team that could modernize old gameplay and add incredibly innovative new abilities.

To do this, the core XV development team was comprised of people who had a long history of developing Final Fantasy games as well as people who were just getting their feet wet. In either case, the video also showcases an immense amount of new content from the game in the form of massive environments, and the creatures that inhabit them.

More videos are sure to be released soon as Final Fantasy XV will be available soon for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The accompanying movie is coming soon on an unannounced date.

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