The chibi revolution is upon us as Square Enix brings their hit mobile game, Heavenstrike Rivals to Steam for free.

Heavenstrike, the mobile JRPG, plays a bit like a turn based chess game where players move character pieces around a small map utilizing unique character abilities. Set within a war-torn world of scattered continents that are suspended in the air by chains, players are tasked with saving the seven legendary sisters. All the while, providing players with a ranked league to climb and earn rewards.

With over 700 characters to collect and level up, Steam achievements and cross platform gameplay, there are tons of ways to experience the game now that its reach is spreading. Although it is a free-to-play title that offers micro transactions, Heavenstrike is by no means pay-to-win. For a closer look at the game, take a look at the gameplay trailer below.

Heavenstrike Rivals is available now for iOS and Android devices, and is now officially supported on Steam.

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