Tomorrow begins a war like no other as you will lead your chosen faction to ultimate victory in Total War: Warhammer. To commemorate this, Creative Assembly has given us two brand new trailers.

The first of these is a typical teaser packed with in-game footage of battles and armies while the narrator describes the four factions you’ll get to choose from to conquer your enemies. The second shows off a 360 degree rotatable camera that let’s you watch the battles and choose which parts to observe.

For the first time, Total War is delving into a fantasy setting as opposed to the historical fiction setting of the past. Will you choose to lay waste to your enemies as the Greenskins? Fight tooth and nail for honor and glory as the Dwarves? Perhaps sucking the blood of life from the land as the Vampire Counts is more your style. Last but not least, you could conquer all three as the mighty Humans and prove your courage against the coming tides of war.

Whatever your choice, the time is now. Conquer this world with Total War: Warhammer on PC.

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