Fallout 4’s Far Hrabor DLC is out in the night between Thursday May 19 and Friday May 20. Today, we have a new video from Bethesda, about the thought process and content that went into making this DLC.

As the Fallout 4 development team keeps emphasizing, Far Harbor is the largest DLC Bethesda has ever made. On top of that, it looks to be one of the most interesting. We’re going to see a completely new area with its own quests and faction, but also new enemies, weapons and equipment, perks and crafting options.

A few of these enemies are the Gopper, a sort of mutated salamander; the Angler, which can spring out of shallow water and spit fiery fog balls at you; and the Fog Crawler – a huge mirlurk the size of a Deathclaw. You’ll get to shoot these creates with new weapons, such as the new harpoon gun, a lever action hunting rifle, and the radium machine gun – an Children of Atom’s favorite.

You’ll also gain access to the Marine Armor, which is a stronger variation of the combat armor. It’s actually the best armor in the game, second only to the power armor suit.

Far Harbor will be available in worldwide o May 20, at the stroke of midnight, PST.

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