After the intense production of one of the most ambitious games to date, Hello Games is closing in on the release of No Man’s Sky. Helping them celebrate are 65daysofstatic, the indie UK musicians who are also serving as composers for the official soundtrack. The soundtrack titled No Man’s Sky: Music for the Infinite Universe is set to be released by Laced Records, on June 17.

Although still in production delivering relentlessly adventurous music to accompany the game, the finished album will feature ten tracks of original music. The soundtrack will also contain 6 pieces of soundscapes and raw audio which act as the filling component for the game’s overall atmosphere thanks to the game’s audio Director, Paul Weir.

The band described the experience as being heavily influenced by themes behind the game’s production, meaning that the band wanted to create music that was as “equally ambitious” as the game itself. Officially stating that, “Two years of our lives have disappeared into a black hole and we’ve been spat out into another dimension. The project has pushed us to explore new processes and techniques, to rethink our relationship with our own music and to essentially soundtrack every narrative thread of a ‘choose your own adven- ture’ novel that exists only in our minds. We’re really proud of the results, and can’t wait to release the album and play it live.”

A sample of the OST was featured in the initial reveal of the game, while a special concert of 65DOS’s previously released music was conducted at a Las Vegas PlayStation Experience event in 2014.

No Man’s Sky: Music for the Infinite Universe will be available physically and digitally in both a standard and deluxe 2-disc set, with an exclusive vinyl release on 4 LPs. Fans can pick up a copy of the OST on June 17.

No Man’s Sky will be available on June 21, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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