Blizzard Entertainment is amping up excitement for the release of Overwatch with a series of animated shorts surrounding their incredible cast of characters. The newest short, entitled Dragons, stars the bow wielding cyborg Hanzo.

Following a similar narrative path as the other entries in the series, the short follows Hanzo and the fallout of his quest for power. Co-starring in this video is Genji, a cybernetic ninja assassin who as it turns out, is also Hanzo’s brother, who was believed to be dead.

Previous entries in the animated series include backstories for the assassin Widowmaker and the tank-like gorilla, Winston. However, these shorts also provide a backstory to not only the characters, but the various level designs as well. Knowing that the gardens of Hanamura were once the home of these brothers might add a little weight to the next time you try and size control the map.

Players can learn more about the entire roster of Blizzard’s new multiplayer shooter when Overwatch releases May 24 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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