After last week’s sneak peak at the title, Square Enix is moving forward and bringing their turn-based mobile title by gumi inc., Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius to western audiences.

Like previous Final Fantasy titles, fans are treated to incredibly art and gameplay designs, as they summon the immense cast of legendary characters. However, this title will also feature special appearances by other characters from the long list of numbered sequels and spin-offs.

Exvius will take place in a brand new exotic world called, Lapis. It is a beautiful world filled with light, crystals and unfortunately shadows. The protagonists, Rain and Lasswell, are two knights of this realm who have made it their sworn duty to vanquish all shadows and restore peace. Together they will team up with exciting new characters as they fight to destroy enemies of the light.

The newest entry in the Final Fantasy series is set to be a return to the classic turn-based style gameplay and map exploration on mobile devices. Players who have played Square Enix’s other recent mobile title, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, will recognize some of the mechanics at play in the trailer.

Although the art-style is still vibrant, the cartoony approach to Unchained X has been replaced by a more realistic fantasy layout. The intuitive touch control has players using their finger to navigate the map while occasionally encountering new paths to explore, rare loot and dangerous enemies such as the Behemoth.

There is still no anticipated release date, however the preregistration has officially begun on the official site in an effort to generate more excitement for the title. Gamers who pre-register will contribute to an achievement system that will unlock special characters and abilities once the game is released.

As of now, enough points have been collected to unlock Final Fantasy VI’s Magitek Armour Terra as a playable character. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is being developed for iOS and Android devices and will also be available to play at this year’s E3.

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