Project Spark, Microsoft’s public game creation environment, has been taken down from the Xbox Marketplace and Windows Store today, May 13.

Users who are already playing and creating in Project Spark can continue to upload their creations and download user-generated content until August 12. After that, all online services will stop.

According to an official statement by Team Dakota, most of the Project Spark team has already moved on to other projects within Microsoft, so it’s “simply no longer feasible to continue the behind-the-scenes work involved with keeping ‘Project Spark’ up and running with meaningful updates and bug fixes.” Naturally, this lead to the hard decision of discontinuing the platform.

Players who purchased and redeemed the Project Spark Starter Kit, or the code inside a retail copy of the game after October 5, 2015 and before today, will receive store credit that can be used in the Xbox Marketplace or Windows Store. Store credit should be granted automatically to eligible customers. For more information about this process, you can head to the game’s support page.

Project Spark was first released on Xbox One and PC in October 2014, and went free-to-play one year later. during its life time, Team Dakota has released 46 content packs, 2,000 assets and 16 updates, while fans have helped by “uploading hundreds of thousands of creations and dreaming up millions of objects, behaviors, and experiences.”

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