Ninja Theory has put together a 360 degrees video showcasing the power behind its Virtual Human technology it developed especially for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

Hellblade has made a lot of strides in production recently, as its latest demonstration clearly shows. The scene comes from Ninja Theory’s previous demo, in which they were able to render a photo-realistic version of the main character in real-time using the in-game engine.

“In VR, you expect characters to acknowledge your presence in meaningful and natural ways and respond to your actions,” Ninja Theory CTO Will Driver explains. “In the real-time version of the scene, Senua tracks and follows your eyes procedurally while still playing a captured performance. In future, we believe a mix of live performance capture, procedural animation systems and AI will profoundly change the way we both create and enjoy VR experiences.”

The demonstration was made possible by a partnership between Ninja Theory, Epic Games, Cubic Motion and 3Lateral. It is available to watch using the Oculus Rift and YouTube VR (including Cardboard), but is not necessarily fun to watch using a standard browser from your PC.

The game developers have expressed interest in continuing to explore VR gameplay, however they did not announce VR compatibility for the Hellblade title. For now, this seems to be merely an experiment.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice will be available later this year for the PC and PlayStation 4.

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