Dishonored 2 will have two playable protagonists – Corvo Attano from the original title, and the grown up Emily Kaldwin whom you might remember as the daughter of the murdered Empress. On top of their distinct look and personality, each of them will have its own set of supernatural powers.

Speaking with Game Informer, lead designer Dinga Bakaba details the powers both Corvo and Emily have and their disposal, and the difference between the ways the player can upgrade them.

Corvo’s powers are all improved versions of the ones he had in the previous title, but for some unspecified reason he will have to learn them all over again. Blink will now let you stop time while right after, just like in The Knife of Dunwall, and can also be used as an offensive tool to send enemies flying forward as you Blink into them. Corvo is also able to chain Possessions together, thus skipping from guard to guard unseen, or even posses dead bodies. no word on whether you can actually eat the brains of other guards though.

Dark Vision, Devouring Swarm and Bend Time also make a return with various variations.

Emily’s power set is somewhat different. Far Reach is basically a grappling hook that works a little like Blink in the way it lets her navigate through the level. Emily can send this black tentacle to grab something and pull herself towards it. However, unlike Blink, she will physically move through the space, leaving her visible as she zips around. This power can be upgraded to snag items, toss furniture around, or even pull in enemies for a close kill or a human shield.

Other powers include Mesmerize, which distracts enemies and leaves them in a dream-like state; Shadow Walk, which allows Emily to transform into a small shadowy being that is much harder to detect; and Doppelganger that does exactly what you think it does.

However, the most interesting power at Emily’s arsenal is Domino. Emily can use this power to “link the fates of multiple characters together”. This essentially means that what happens to one of them – happens to all of them. Kill or incapacitated just one of the linked targets, and they all go down. As Bakaba told Game Informer, “Domino is one of the most open-ended powers. It’s also a QA nightmare, as you can imagine.” I totally believe him.

Stealthy gamers will be happy to know that Dishonored 2 will offer a lot more options when it comes to non-lethal play. “Last time, the non-lethal play was something that came through development, and we embraced it,” Bakaba said. “This time we knew from the start, so there is a lot of non-lethal options. I think it’s really cool because it makes you feel like some kind of Batman.”

Dishonored 2 will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 11.

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