Simon Barle, a visual artist for both EA and DICE, has recreated the central hub location for Bloodborne using of the Unreal Engine 4.

Initially built by From Software on a proprietary game engine designed by the developers themselves, the Hunter’s Dream central hub received a radical facelift from the Unreal Engine 4. After putting an immense amount of detail into his recreation, Barle later revealed his work to the public through his official Artstation profile.

The walking tour video above shows that his work is faithful to every last detail of the dark and haunting environment from 2015, but also showcases what the free to download software is capable of.

Bloodborne is available now for the PlayStation 4.

Bloodborne-UE4-1 Bloodborne-UE4-2 Bloodborne-UE4-3 Bloodborne-UE4-4 Bloodborne-UE4-10 Bloodborne-UE4-9 Bloodborne-UE4-8 Bloodborne-UE4-7 Bloodborne-UE4-6 Bloodborne-UE4-5


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