Polish artist and indie developer, Jakub Różalski, has created an epic new alternate history of WWI in his new title, 1920+.


1920+ is an upcoming action indie title by Polish artist Jakub Różalski that mixes the epic scale of the world’s first global conflict, with crude mechanical engineering.

Taking place in a war torn Europe, the game is described as “the era of the industrial revolution, mankind fascinated by engines, iron and steel, began to experiment and try to build a huge walking machine.”

The main landscapes that will be featured in 1920+ are large open fields set in Eastern Europe and littered with calvary soldiers and dirty mech suits. The game’s history is shared with Jakub’s Kickstarted board game, Scythe by Stonemair games, which centers around building an empire on top of the savaged landscape of the 1920+ universe.

While there are no gameplay mechanics or story points in the official statement, Jakub describes the universe as being parallel to our own. Saying, “Like in early twentieth century Europe, the world of 1920+ is full of contrasts, diversity, secrets and unexplored places to discover, world where tradition and life in harmony with nature is slowly being replaced by modernity and technology.”

1920+ is currently in production from Jakub Różalski. It has no anticipated release date, but will be available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The board game, Scythe, will be released in September 2016.

jakub-rozalski-unit-concept02b-side1 jakub-rozalski-1920-secret-facility-s 1920_spider_art

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