1666 Amsterdam has been making a lot of noise in the last few weeks. First we heard that Ubisoft has renewed its trademark on 1666, but then it was revealed that Patrice Desilets has regained all creative rights on the IP. Today, we find a new video showing old gameplay footage of the game, from almost 2 years ago.

Posted by YouTube user Brandon Sheffield, the video shows a short sequence of art, before switching to what we are promised is actual non-scripted gameplay, run in-engine.

According to Sheffield, the game would have let you control “animals traditionally associated with black magic”. We can see the player play as a raven, a cat and a rat to take down enemies and collect mysterious items from the human protagonist. By the end of the video we learn that the protagonist is a dark mage, able to mix together ingredients to create powerful magic spells.

There’s no way of knowing if this gameplay will in anyway represent Desilets’ current vision for the IP. This is from when 1666 Amsterdam was still at the hands of THQ, right before it closed in 2012.

It will probably be some time until we’ll know, as his studio, Panache Digital Games, is working hard on a different project called Ancestors: The Humakind Odyssey.

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