The developers at Crytek are taking gamers to exotic mountain locations in the launch trailer for their new VR title, The Climb.

In the Climb, players utilize the VR controllers available with the Oculus Rift to climb the face of mountains all around the world. As a free climbing explorer, gamers will be able to climb 3 locations which include an expansive canyon, an Asian Bay-theme, and the alps. Each of the maps are modeled after real world locations, using Crytek’s immensely powerful Cryengine.

Retailing at $49.99, The Climb features a single player campaign, tutorial missions, and an online leaderboard, all tailored around the 6 routes available at launch. Gamers will also be able to compete online as they race against friends to get to the top of the mountain first. More importantly however, is the fact that each mountain isn’t simply an empty wasteland, but a vibrant environment that features intelligent wildlife, choreographed jet fly overs, and even music festivals in the distance.

Executive Producer Elijah Freeman went on to describe the experience, saying, “The intense feeling of engaging in the world’s most extreme sport high above the ground is only possible in VR, and our team has gone to great lengths to replicate the tension and thrill of free solo climbing.”

His words, and the trailer for that matter, aren’t exactly capable of doing the experience justice. After donning the Rift helmet and beginning their climb, however, players will get a sense of height induced fear and vertigo, especially when you accidentally let go.

Crytek’s The Climb is available now for the Oculus Rift, and can be purchased from the Oculus Home screen.

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