The new Legend of Zelda title, previously announced for the Wii U, is also being developed for the Nintendo NX. Both versions were developed side by side since the beginning, and will even be released together in 2017.

The news was revealed through an official tweet by Nintendo of America, as well as an entry in the company’s fiscal year report. In the report, Nintendo attributes this delay to the developers needing more time to polish the game, but it’s more likely because the NX itself won’t be released prior to 2017.

However, we will be getting a look at the new Zelda title pretty soon, as the Wii U version will be playable at E3 2016. It will actually be the only game present at the Nintendo booth in order to “provide attendees a complete immersion”.

We suspected the new Zelda wouldn’t be released in 2016, and might be coming to the NX as well, ever since last year. It seems our prediction came true. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the Zelda situation, and we suggest you do the same since more info is bound to arrive in the coming month before E3.

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