The Alpha demo of Team Ninja’s Nioh is available right now on the PlayStation Store. In the demo, players will have access to two unique stages showing off the combat and settings of the samurai action RPG.

The first stage takes place in what remains of a small fishing village that was wiped out during an invasion. In second stage you will face off against hordes of demonic creatures from the Yokai realm. When fighting these demons, and any over foes they might encounter, players will have the choice of three different weapons: a katana, a spear, or an axe.

Any player who manages to beat one of the stages in the demo, will get the The Mark of the Conqueror DLC when the full game launches. Another bonus comes in the form of an exclusive wallpaper for your smartphone. To earn that, all you need to do is answer a survey and provide feedback on the demo.

If you’re at all interested, hurry up and download the Alpha demo today, as it is only available until May 5. After that, gamers will no longer be able to download, or  play the demo.

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