GSC Gameworld, who developed the STALKER series, has mysteriously come back from the long-gone ages of pre-2010 with Cossacks 3, a sequel to the historically-themed real-time strategy title Cossacks.

With a new video released a month or so ago, and the beginning of the beta soon, Cossacks 3 is surely on the way to release soon. Signups for the beta have already begun, and players can join up to test it out and fix any glaring issues with the game.

“These last few months have been extremely difficult for the team,” GSC Gameworld has wrote on its Facebook page. “We have been rushing around trying to get everything ready for the release date of the game. But as we all know, rush is a very bad companion in game development. So we decided to postpone Cossacks 3 release in order to hold a comprehensive beta-test of the game.

“We are preparing to start gathering beta-testers’ applications and assign the first wave of testers. With their help we are going to improve the game’s quality, test innovations and implement feedback from Cossacks veterans and newcomers.”

Beta testing has never done a game any harm, and should allow Cossacks 3 to be a grand return for this company. We shall soon see. No release date was given at this time.

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