Outlast developer Red Barrels has constructed a big, spooky booth at PAX East to debut official gameplay for their upcoming sequel, Outlast 2.

After releasing an intense teaser trailer and announcing a brand new setting, the gameplay from PAX shows a bit of explorarion and a frightening chase through a cornfield. The gameplay, originally released on Gamespot’s official YouTube Channel, showcases the series’ intense stealth and the return of night vision camera, as well as a few new mechanics, like the sound meter.

We also finally get to see the new setting of a backwoods American farm populated by what appear to be Devil worshiping rednecks who spend their late nights kidnapping women.

Both videos below comprise the full playable demo that was on the floor at PAX East.

Players will find out whatever these horrifying hillbillies are up to when Outlast 2 launches later this fall for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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