CD Projekt Red has released a batch of new screenshots from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s upcoming expansion – Blood and Wine. A release date would has been nice, but we’ll take what we an get.

“I can already tell you Blood and Wine is a fascinating story, with every sort of twist and turn you’d expect from our writers,” said Senior Social Media and Community Coordinator Marcin Momot.

“Toussaint, the new realm we’re creating for the expansion, is unlike anything you’ve seen in Wild Hunt – carefree and colorful, but your gut never stops telling you that there’s some real dark stuff happening underneath all that,” he added.

New realm? dark stuff? giant mushroom and insects? Apparently, Geralt is heading to Wonderland. We’ll know more about Blood and Wine come may. in the meantime, you can find the screens below.

The expansion is available as part of The Witcher 3 Season Pass for $24.99, but will probably also be sold separately upon its release.

The-Witcher-3-Blood-and-Wine-1 The-Witcher-3-Blood-and-Wine-2 The-Witcher-3-Blood-and-Wine-3 The-Witcher-3-Blood-and-Wine-4 The-Witcher-3-Blood-and-Wine-5 The-Witcher-3-Blood-and-Wine-6

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