Seven is a new title by Fool’s Theory, a studio founded by ex-Witcher 3 devs. It is an isometric RPG inspired by the likes of the massively popular stealth series Thief.

The game’s first trailer was released yesterday via IGN. It showcases a lot of the game’s gameplay mechanics, like running, jumping, sneaking and fighting, which the protagonist uses to move around quickly and take out foes efficiently.

Whilst we don’t know a lot of the plot, aside from the vague statements in the trailer’s narration, we can see that the game takes place in a medieval futuristic world. The locations appear to be post-apocalyptic, with society still rebuilding itself. There are some obvious fantasy elements thrown in for good measure.

Overall, the trailer reveals a lot of interesting things and more will surely come as the game gets closer to its release. Seven has no set release date yet, but it looks to be coming in the very near future.

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