Dean Hall, the creator of Dayz, has been working with his studio RocketWerkz to release a new VR title called Out of Ammo. The game has launch today straight into Steam Early Access.

The game is a strategy game with FPS elements that is developed exclusively for the HTC Vive. It seems pretty interesting to play in VR, as you can move around the battlefield, position defenses and troops with your hands, and even “possess” them for some FPS action. You’ll also be able to issue command to on and off screen units to coordinate attacks and call in airstrikes.

Out of Ammo has seemingly come out of nowhere, with no previous trailers or official announcements. Dean Hall has previously teased he is working on a new PC and Xbox One title called ION, but Out of Ammo is definitely not it.

Out of Ammo is currently in Early Access, and is available for those of you who have already picked up the HTC Vive.

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