Red Dead Redemption 2, the long-awaited sequel to the phenomenal Red Dead Redemption, will actually be a prequel. It will also take place in a new area, just east of the original’s map. Of course, that all depends if you choose to believe a recent leak.

First posted on NeoGAF but then removed, the map was confirmed as the real deal by an independent source. This a “very recent art direction” for the map, the source told Techradar.

The same source also confirmed Red Dead Redemption 2 will take place before Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption 2 map

If you look closely at the map, you can see Tall Trees, the Great Plains and Flat Iron Lake at the bottom left corner. These three areas appeared in the original Red Dead Redemption, on the map’s upper right corner. This suggests the new game will take place to the North-East of the original map.

Another interesting point of reference is the city of New Bordeaux, seen near the bottom, marked in green. New Bordeaux is the fictional city where the events of Mafia 3 occur. Mafia 3 is published by Take-Two, which also owns the publishing rights to the Red Dead Redemption franchise. Could there be some kind of crossover between the two games?

If we explore the map further, we can notice all sorts of terrain, from deserts to swamps to snowy mountains. There are also quite a lot of islands, so maybe we’ll get to sail a boat at some point.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has not been official announced, so all of this could just be hearsay and may amount to nothing. However, we do know Red Dead Redemption wasn’t just a one-off game, but a part of a full franchise, so a sequel makes sense.

What do you think? Would you prefer a prequel or sequel to Red Dead Redemption? Are you hoping to once again play as John Marston, or do you want a new protagonist? Let us know in the comments.

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