IBM Japan has unveiled a new production diary showcasing the technology and progress of their upcoming VR Project – Sword Art Online: The Beginning.

The new video shows off the latest in IBM computing as viewers are given an extensive tour of the development facilities. While not fully polished, the VR project has made noticeable progress. The current beta is able to track a player’s gaze, motion and can even import a user’s facial scan, all thanks to the Oculus Rift DK2 and Leap motion sensors.

Although still in progress, the experience is starting to take shape and even looks fun to explore.

The big surprise at the end of the video is a chimera-esque creature that could end up as a raid boss in the final product. monster has been featured in the manga/anime series, and even bursts into a cloud of data after an its health reaches zero.

IBM Japan’s Sword Art Online: The Beginning, is in development for the Oculus Rift, but will hopefully be released for most VR headsets.

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