Trine 3 developer Frozenbyte has officially announced the May 2016 release window of it upcoming stealth title, Shadwen.

Operating within a realistic physics engine, the titular character Shadwen is an assassin that specializes in using the world around her to kill her targets. As an added twist to the game’s engine, time only moves so long as the player is moving. Meaning that once players let go of the controls, time stops. This will allow gamers to reconsider their tactics and even change their decision mid-movement.

The game features a punishing level of difficulty as even the slightest notice from a guard results in a game over, forcing the players to remain in the shadows. The beauty of Shadwen, outside its visuals, are the various ways players can navigate the map. Using her trusty grapple, our assassin can swing around the map, or use it to topple heavy objects onto unsuspecting enemies.

In addition to her deadly abilities, Shadwen’s mission to assassinate a king features a chance encounter with an orphaned girl named Lily. In helping Lily find a safe passage home, players have to not only protect her, but to keep her trust as well, meaning they can’t go around mercilessly killing other NPCs, or Lily will realize she’s stuck with a crazed lunatic.

Although not an accurate release date, gamers can rest assured that they’ll be able to explore the dangerous world of Shadwen later this May on the PC and PlayStation 4.

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