Creative Assembly, makers of Total War: Warhammer, have revealed in a blog post that they are producing free DLC (or Free-LC, as they refer to it) for the game, as depicted in the plan below.


One of the more exciting additions is a new playable race, though which race exactly still remains a mystery. Before we get other hands on this new race, we’ll enjoy new units, heros, magic lores and a Legendary Lord “who will shake up a race’s strategic potential in interesting new ways.” The new playable race will also get its very own Legendary Lords, magic items, quest chains, and units.

Paid DLC will also be available, in the form of Lord Packs, Race Packs and Campaign Packs. Each of these packs adds new features to the game and will includes more new races, Legendary Lords, units, magic items and quest lines.

Total War: Warhammer is due out in May 24 on PC.

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