Exciting Legend of Zelda Wii U rumors have appeared as Nintendo may be planning a female protagonist and release on the NX console later this year.

After confirming with several “sources”, Twitter user Emily Rogers disclosed 3 rumors surrounding the new title. The first one is that the Zelda HD title will launch for both the Wii U and NX consoles. The second claims that every character in the game will be voiced, except for Link of course.

The third and biggest rumor about the upcoming Legend of Zelda game is that it will allow players to chose between a male or female protagonist to adventure as.

While she doesn’t have the impressive track record Shinobi602 has, Rogers has apparently been reliable with past Nintendo product leaks, and her rumors aren’t entirely far fetched. The first rumor actually seems very likely. Nintendo did just release Twilight Princess HD on the Wii U, and it would make sense for them to launch the new title on their next console.

The voice acting rumor is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of news. On one hand, voice acting adds layers of depth to the virtual world. On the other hand, Link will continue to keep his mouth shut. However, at the very least players can continue to immerse themselves in the land of Hyrule through the silent protagonist.

Finally, letting players choose between Link and a female character seems a bit weird. Nintendo has never shied away from letting players express themselves, even if it is new to this specific franchise. But Nintendo is also known for being very strict with their characters and game formulas. A female protagonist that isn’t Zelda would be a very bold step for Nintendo, and a major change for the Legend of Zelda franchise.

While we do caution gamers to take rumors lightly, The Legend of Zelda HD is currently in-development for the Wii U (and possibly NX) for an unannounced 2016 release.



Special Thanks for the image: NeoGaf user Nibel

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