Fable Legends, the free-to-play RPG by the recently-closed Lionhead Studios, might be resurrected.

Three different sources have told MCV that staff members at Lionhead are being asked if they want to stay and continue working on the game, or accept the severance pay and leave the company by the end of April.

Freelancers who worked on the project are already long gone, so if development continues it will be with a much smaller team. However, one source claims some developers still at the company have expressed a desire to continue working on Fable Legends as an independent studio, so it seems a small team isn’t a problem for them.

Fable Legends was almost in open beta before the studio decided to delay it for a short while and polish it up. If the game was as close to completion as stated, it’s easy to assume that an indie studio could easily finish Fable Legends.

Fable Legends could still happen

When reached out for comment, Microsoft had nothing to say regarding this new rumor, only providing an obligatory evasive response. “We aren’t sharing additional details beyond that we have ceased development on Fable Legends, and are in discussions with employees at Lionhead about our proposed closure of the studio as well,” a Microsoft spokesmen told the website.

We eagerly await more information on whether Fable Legends is coming back, or if it’s gone forever.

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