Consortium: The Tower has returned with another crowdfunding campaign at Fig. As I write these lines, the game has already raised more than half of its $300k goal.

The sci-fi FPS RPG is a sequel to Consortium, a crowdfunding success back in 2013. If you have never heard of Consortium, it is a Deus-Ex type stealth game that received mixed reviews, but was popular enough to warrant a sequel. And that’s how we got Consortium: The Tower

According to developer Interdimensional Games, Consortium: The Tower is “the original Deus Ex videogame combined with the film Die Hard.” The Die Hard comparison comes from the game’s story that follows a hostage situation in a large skyscraper in the heart of futuristic London. The Deus Ex part comes from the game’s hyper-futuristic settings and the open-ended nature of the levels and gameplay.

The player can sneak, fight, trick, bribe, scare, hire, or simply convince his way through the tower, all while developing relationships with their crew, other Consortium officers, the London Police, and any other characters they might meet throughout the experience. “While rather difficult, you will be able to play through the entire experience without raising your weapon,”  Interdimensional Games boasts.

If the campaign proves a success, Consortium: The Tower will be released in Q1 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here’s a short gameplay video from the game, just so you can see what’s what.

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