The Battleborn open beta is now available to pre-load on all platforms. We’ll wait for you to go and start pre-loading it right now. It’s OK, we don’t mind as long as you come back.

You can sit there and wait for the beta client to download, and then wait a day or six for the beta itself to start, or you can watch a brand new Battleborn trailer, titled Bootcamp. It’s a 12-minute affair, filled with gameplay and helpful tips, so it will be time well spent. During the video, you’ll get to learn about the 25 playable Heroes available in the beta.

Together with these 25 Heroes, the open beta will include two Story Mode episodes and two Competitive Multiplayer Modes. While you play, you’ll be ranked on three different progression systems.

The Battleborn open beta launches on PlayStation 4 on April 8, and on Xbox One and PC on April 13. The full game will be available on May 3 on all the platforms simultaneously.

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