PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers who love playing Smite will soon be able to do so in glorious 60 frames per second.

Hi-Rez Studio, the developer of Smite, teased its players a couple of weeks ago saying they would be adding an opt-in option to run the game at 60fps. This option would give both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 user’s to increase their frame rate up from the current 30fps.

The designer who revealed the opt-in option, Scott Lussier, confirmed via tweet that it would be part of the new upcoming patch. As of now there’s no word on when the patch will be coming, but they will be submitting it for testing today, April 5.

According to Scott Lussier, the 60fps feature is an opt-in option as a “safety feature”.

So do you believe that the frame rate will help your game or burden your playing with lag? Either way, better pray to your favorite deity that the transition will be as smooth as possible. 60fps smooth.

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