Developers at Creative Assembly has been hard at work showcasing the undead armies of the Vampire Counts in Total War: Warhammer.

The newest additions to the Total War YouTube channel are the Terrorgheist and Vargheist. These decrepit beasts are terrors both on the ground and in the air. The videos detail the animation process of each character from concept art to in-game renderings all while accompanied by the dark lore of their creation.

The Vargheists are former Vampires who were captured and imprisoned for hundreds of years. While imprisoned, the vampires would form cocoons, allowing the animalistic bloodlust within them to take over their physical form. After being released by the vampire counts, they were put to use in aerial combat. Diving out of the sky to annihilate enemy armies.

The Terrorgheists on the other hand, are flying mounts. These rotting carcasses were once small bats that encountered he Vampire Counts where their bodies were transformed into deadly creatures.Their greatest ability is a deathly screech that is capable of sending fear into the hearts of mortal enemies, making them the most fierce of the Vampire’s flying arsenal.

Gamers will be able to unleash these terrifying beasts and more when Sega releases Total War: Warhammer on April 23, on PC.

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