After killing almost the entire Greek pantheon, it seems Kratos is moving on to face the gods of the Norse mythology in God of War 4. That is, if we are to believe a new batch of leaked concept art.

The recent leak is comprised out of dozens of environmental drawings, showing several locations from Norse mythology, including Alfheim and Vanaheimr, two of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology. Alfheim, also known as the Land Of The Fairies, is depicted as a cold stone city, while Vanaheimr is a lush a colorful forest with dangerous flora.

There are also an image or two of the Bifröst Rainbow Bridge and other locations I couldn’t really pinpoint.

Kratos himself has also adapted the Norse look. The god-slayer now sports a wild beard and carries an axe instead of this iconic Chaos Blades. He still has his tattoos though, so he is clearly recognizable.

The concept art was first leaked by NerdLeaks, but the site has since gone offline for some reason. Worry not, as all the images are available for you view pleasure at NeoGAF.

For all you skeptics out there, God of War 4’s Norse mythology settings could be more than a rumor, as the industry insider Shinobi602 (remember him?) posted a tweet about it prior to the leak. We now have two different sources claiming the same thing.

What do you think about Kratos fighting the likes of Thor, Loki and Odin in Valhalla? While you think about it, here are a few highlights form the leaked concept art images.

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