Wasteland Workshop, the second piece of DLC for Bethesda’s for Fallout 4, is going to focus primarily on the settlement customization part of the game.

From the trailer we can see new items available in our settlements, like trophies of the things you’ve killed, new decorations, new farming systems and many other features, as well as traps in your base to help fend off thugs from your priceless collection of adhesive.

The other feature is capturing and domesticating beasts. As you can see in the trailer, the player has caged cats, Mirelurks and even Deathclaws. What’s even cooler is that you can pit these monsters against each in arena battles. in the video we see someone in Power Armor pitted against a Deathclaw for the player’s entertainment.

Wasteland Workshop is priced at $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99 for those who do not own the Season Pass, and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on April 12. That isn’t as far off as you think, so you better start hording materials again.

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