Team Ninja has announced that they will be releasing a demo for Nioh, their dark fantasy hack and slash title, on April 26.

It looks like PlayStation 4 gamers who have been waiting for the developer’s take on the Dark Souls-esq formula will get a chance to try it out later this month. The demo was announced in an official PlayStation blog, and will showcase brand new gameplay. The developers also asked gamers to complete a survey after playing the demo.

The demo will be released in the game’s alpha build, and can only be downloaded until May 5. As a bonus, if you manage to clear the level in the demo, you will receive the Overlord DLC for free upon Nioh’s release. Break out your katana and get ready to die (even the tagline is similar to Dark Souls) while you watch this announcement trailer.

Nioh is expected to be released later this year exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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