MightyCast has kicked off pre-orders for the Nex Band and are using it to innovate the world of mobile gaming with the fantasy title, The Mighty Maru.

The basic idea behind the Nex Band is to create your own universal remote to use with other smart technology. It features 5 LED buttons that can all be individually modified to just about anything. Currently, the smart band the smart band can be purchased in black or white.

As a whole, the Nex is designed to do everything other smart bands do except better, faster, and a lot more fun. Users can track their fitness health, communicate to other bluetooth devices or receive notifications. However, Gameplay is the area that immediately shines through. While the global community is still in the process of upgrading their lives and homes, people every where are already itching to play new games on their smart phones.


Development for the Nex started after the initial concepts for the Mighty Maru were created. Offering players the chance to explore a fantasy world through the aid of magic brackets. This simple experience caught the attention of early beta testers, most of which fixated on the fun interactions with the in-game bracelet. In an effort to expand on the fun elements of the game, Mighty Cast then began development on the Nex modular smart band.

The approach is reminiscent of games like Disney Infinity or Skylanders. In purchasing this one device, players will be given access to an unending wealth of content across different apps and games. The end result being that gamers will be able to not only hack their lives, but their mobile games as well.

Other hardware developers have already begun to roll out their own mobile game controllers based off of the standard console layout. However, their functionality ends as soon as you grow tired of the game, or worse, go outside. The Nex combats this through a stylish design, touch input and by removable from the wrist and turned sideways. Giving players a comfortable controller with 5 inputs that can be configured based on how long you press and hold the buttons.

One of the most graphically challenging experiences in development is the title, Nex Mech. The GamersPack crew were able to check out an early build of the game at CES 2016, and were surprised to see its functionality at work. In Nex Mech, players can create and control their own mechanized power suits. The gameplay is further enhanced through the use of special mod pieces that unlock unique weapons and chassis that are incredibly powerful.

In an effort to broaden the usability, the release of the Nex Band is being coupled with the launch of a software development kit for amateur and professional developers. Mobile games that are able to be communicate with the band also gain access to create special mod pieces that can unlock special abilities or content within a game. A function that can help greatly enhance any game’s life span.

Lastly, the initial launch of the Nex Band features special offers only available through the official Nex website for $99. As of now, the Nex app for iOS devices is optimized to automatically compatible with the Spotify, Hue, Nest, IFTTT, and Garageio. With a small amount of creativity, users can extend this usability with their smart phone through camera and music controls, as well as location functionality. In short, the Nex Band is designed to inspire creativity through your everyday life. Going further to extend that creativity into the world of gaming.

The developers at Mighty Cast are currently in development of even more titles and implementing compatibility with current games as well. Until then, the Nex Band by Mighty Cast will be shipping this spring, with The Mighty Maru following in September and the Android app arriving in October.

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