Microsoft Executive, Phil Spencer, has come out against the idea of an upgraded version of the Xbox One console.

After the recent leaks surrounding the PlayStation 4K (or PlayStation 4.5), Spencer was asked at a press conference whether Microsoft was considering doing the same thing.  Spencer answered that he’s “not a big fan of Xbox One and a half. If we’re going to move forward, I want to move forward in big numbers.”

Expanding on his answer, Spencer believes that if the company were to introduce an upgrade to the community, he would want it to be “a really substantial change for people.” Although slightly disheartening, his comments do make sense when considering the Microsoft gaming Ecosystem.

Since it’s inception, one of the goals of the Xbox was to provide stunning gaming experiences, without having to constantly upgrade your console to play something new. Gamers who do want the ability to push each game to its graphical limits were always able to purchase a PC and run Windows OS. The company’s only deviation from this being the introduction of the slimmer and more powerful Xbox 360 model.

This doesn’t mean that an Xbox One.5 is an impossibility, but simply that Microsoft is likely trying to put those resources towards a new console. Of course, Microsoft could also just be trying to divert attention until they have something ready to be revealed.

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