I don’t know about you, but April Fools’ Day is a unique time of the year we usually look forward to, especially on the video game side of things. Many companies and developers come up with wild and elaborate pranks to pull on everybody. Here’s a list of a few of them we really liked, and some that almost fooled us.


Blizzard Kicked off their annual shenanigans in the usual way – by releasing some bizarre and quite humorous patch notes for World Of Warcraft. Given the fact that the game is currently testing its new expansion Legion, patch notes are quite a common thing these days, making it all the easier for players to be caught off guard. There were a few other WoW in game features, such as a new faction called “Frostdoge Clan” and new “Flyt” Systems. You can read the full patch notes here for a good laugh.

Blizzard then moved on to its successful card game Hearthstone. The company has announced Hearthstone: The MMO along with a trailer for it and saying “Beta sign-ups coming soon”. And yes, we know what you’re thinking; Hearthstone: The MMO is basically World of Warcraft. Blizzard knows that too.

StarCraft also got an entire new game called “Maximum Novadrive“, and looks similar to those racing games you would have played when you were a kid on the Sega Megadrive. Tha’ts acutally not a prank, but an an actually game you can play on your browser. Why would you want to do so is a different question, but it’s there if you need some old-school racing.

Black Desert Online

The Korean MMORPG joined in by poking fun at the recent drama about Blizzard removing one of the poses of Tracer from Overwatch. Well Black Desert announced that “the first series of butt pose animations will be added during next week’s maintenance and will be made available at no additional cost.” However, being the type of game Black Desert is, it is unclear whether this was an April Fools’ joke, or if the animations are really going to appear in the game.

Either way, here’s a small preview of what may or may not be:

black desert butt

Dark Souls 3

Bandai Namco and From Software have released a new Dark Souls 3 trailer, stylized to look like an old-school VHS movie trailer straight from the 80s. There’s not much else to be said here, so just I’d watch it and prey they end up making this into an actual movie.

Arma III

The realistic shooters audience now has a new fragrance – Eau De Combat. “Designed for those who love risk-taking, this brand new perfume appears to your most basic instincts with the captivating scent of battle.” So if you want to smell like gunpowder and fear – this is the scent for you.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Devolved was announced. In this one you play as the dinosaur. Personally, I think this would be quite cool and we should all push Studio Wildcard to make it a reality.

Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy team has created a real life taxi service, of some sort, called “ChocoGo”. Why not travel around the city on your favorite yellow bird-like creature? Save the environment and still arrive on time!

Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft got in on the action with a simple note from the Templars, trying to convince the Assassins that they no longer wish to fight and look forward to continued peace and cooperation between both sides. The Brotherhood did not fall for this obvious trick, and posted on their twitter “It is cute that they thought this would work…”


For April Fools, the entertainment giant gave us a spooky new product for catching ghosts – The Proton Pack from the Ghostbusters movie. It’s not really gaming related, but we can probably expect a movie tie-in at some point, so it goes on this list. Plus, now you don’t have to be afraid of no ghosts.

The company who constantly claim to be pushing for innovation really have done it this time, as they introduced a second product designed for those pesky underwater levels – The PlayStation Flow. Check both amazing products below.


The “EgoBooster1337 Controller” is a brand new piece of hardware, coming with its own “Compliment button” so you can always feel like you’re in the top seat of your gaming. The controller also comes with a built-on “toxicity filter” that blocks negative and hateful comments, and a “win button” that rage-quits you from the game. “Why waste your life practicing to get better someday when you could feel better today?” Nyko said.


Razer announced Project BreadWinner – a series of toasters made by the company. As much as I wish these were real, because who doesn’t love toast, I thought it was a pretty good one. Why not, right? Bring the gamers the toast they deserve, with the brand logo on it.


In case your Razer toast is too dry, why not quench your thirst with Nvidia GeForce GTX ENERGY, a new brand of energy drink aimed at gamers. I wander if it comes in any flavor other than “sweat”.

The Witcher 3

Lastly, Witcher 3 is finally giving its most beloved character the attention it has always deserved. Geralt? No don’t be silly, of course we mean Roach! The pretty hilarious video released by CD Projekt Red is quite entertaining to watch and details the career and development of the best horse in the world. The mare will even be getting its voice acting and dialogue.

And so, another great year of pranks, joked and what we all wish could be true passes. Of course, there were many other pranks and jokes across the web in the gaming world and I’m sure you were even fooled by one or two. Now to sit back and wait till next year’s round of hilariously silly and far-fetched ideas.

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