Kingston Technology has unleashed studio quality audio unto the masses with their HyperX Cloud Revolver headset. The sleek new durable design has moved gaming headsets another step forward in both quality and comfort by building off of previous generations of the HyperX family. Trimmed down to the bare essentials, the Revolver may not appear as varied as other headsets, but for $119.99, it may still be the one you need.

Offering an audio experience that is more precise than their previous headsets, the Revolver was built to enhance an already great experience. The beauty within any piece of gaming hardware is adaptability, and everyone can enjoy this headset. Gamers and studio engineers alike will enjoy the universal 3.5mm (4 pole) input jack and the HyperX signature memory foam hear cups. The ear cups sit softly on the head, and when combined with the self adjusting headband, silently conforms to any sized head. Creating a serene enclosure, the headset offers users the opportunity to truly be “in the zone” with whatever they are doing by not squishing your ears. The 50mm drivers in each ear cup offer high definition audio that helps the user to identify unique sounds among whatever they are listening to. The problem that arises from this, however, is that while perfect for vocal audio, the experience does not transfer to music or sound effects.

The headset records and delivers the exact audio that it receives without any bells and whistles in terms of treble and bass amplifications. The downside being that these bells and whistles are things casual and even hardcore gamers have come to enjoy. The Revolver is very reliable on a live stream and online gameplay, but this isn’t a headset that you’ll use for immersing yourself in game’s world. The background ambiance and music scores feel a little less inspiring when it comes to basic gameplay, causing a disconnect with the overall story. The quality is there, but the sound is slightly hollow, removing a sense of immersion from the experience. What this all boils down to, is the fact that the Revolver feels like it was designed for professional gamers. It is tailored specifically to voice recording and communication, which doesn’t always mix well with music or sound effects.

While there are many aspects of the Revolver that make it great for professional use, it’s the microphone that really takes the cake. The highly adjustable condenser microphone features a 3.5mm input jack, with a uni-directional polar pattern. This means the mic features studio grade recording technology that is focused only in the direction you point it. The microphone also has noise cancelling padding to keep out anything that isn’t your own voice, which is great when communicating with teammates.

The headset offers a total of 3 meters of audio cable between you and your device. Separated between the 1m directly attached to the headset, and the 2m Audio Control Box extension. The control box also separates the audio and microphone inputs, allowing users greater access to PC functionalities. Despite the slight limitations of not having in-depth controls, it offers the basic necessities with a volume wheel and mute button.


The steel frame surrounding the ear cups that move upward around the headband are incredibly durable. Adding to the overall flexibility, the frame can stretch to a wide variety of head shapes while also supporting the headset as a whole. It’s a fairly bad idea to simply stretch the headset just to see how far it can bend before breaking. However, it is fair to say that the Revolver could probably survive being exposed to a hyperactive child gamer.

As an added bonus, the flexible framing of the headband bounces lightly off of most glasses frames. Reducing headaches from annoying pressure on the side of your head. The frame is coated in the same Memory foam/leatherette combination as the ear cups, sitting just underneath the steel frame. The headband itself slides smoothly over top of a plastic bar, adjusting instantly to the top of any gamer’s head. The whole thing makes the Revolver one of the most comfortable headsets to wear for long periods of time.

The HyperX Cloud Revolver by Kingston Technology is aimed specifically for pro gamers and streamers. The microphone features some of the best recording quality available, and the engineering and design provide a comfortable experience for hours on end. The only real downside is that gamers who just want to enjoy the audio from the game will find it hard to do so, as non-verbal audio isn’t the Revolver’s strong suit. There is a lot to love about the Revolver headset, and it’s an incredibly useful tool for streaming or audio recording. However, the biggest deciding factor in buying the Revolver headset is ultimately whether you’ll need them to produce content, or simply enjoy gaming.

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