Unravel was released more than a month ago, on February 9, to mixed reactions. It’s just one of these games that looks so nice, but you’re not sure if it’s worth picking up, even for $20.

EA is hoping to solve this conundrum by letting everyone with a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or an Origin account on PC to try out the game’s first level for free. If you go to the online store of your platform of choice, you’ll be able to download a trial version of Unravel and play it for 10 hours. I don’t know why you’d want to play the first level over and over again for 10 hours, but you can.

After the 10 hours are over, you can decide whether to buy the game and continue from where you left off, or skip it entirely. Either way, you can now form an education opinion on Unravel all by yourself. Enjoy.

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