DICE has released a new developer diary for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. This one is all about the city of Glass that serves as a stage for Faith’s story.

The city itself is a huge and clean playground for Faith to explore and parkour through. The development team sits down to explain how different areas in the city have their own architectural design, and how day and night change the city’s appearance. Unlike cities in many other futuristic games, the city of Glass is clean and pristine. But, like always, there are dark secrets beneath the shiny veneer.

Here’s where we learn a little bit more about the game’s narrative and Faith’s backstory. After spending two years in jail, Faith goes back to the city she hasn’t seen in two years. She immediately gets back into the action, and stirs things up with both The Authorities and the terrorist group Black November. Both don’t sound like people you want to mess with.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is out May 26 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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