New rumors suggest that Sony may be gearing up to announce their upgraded PlayStation 4 model ahead of their PlayStation VR launch in October.

Since the initial rumors broke, and more news began to surface, the Wall Street Journal has now claimed the console is will provide  “higher-end gaming experiences” While the current generation of PlayStation 4 consoles can only handle so much graphic processing, the PS4.5 (or PS4K) may feature backwards and forwards compatibility. Meaning that a game designed for the PS4 can be played on the original and new console, except that the new console will feature better graphics.

According to the article, the source also claims that the console will be announced before the launch of the PlayStation VR in October. The console will feature an upgraded GPU that supports an Ultra-High Definition output. What still remains a mystery however, is whether it will be accomplished through upscaling or native 4K rendering. These same rumors have also stated that the console will support 4K Blu-rays, and that development kits are already circulating developer studios.

As jaded as gamers may be after the fake out of a Nintendo NX controller, these rumors are strongly in line with Sony’s history of making new console models. Dating back to the original PlayStation and it’s sleeker PS1 model, continuing with the PS3 Slim, the time is just about right for Sony to unleash whatever they have in store for the next evolution of the PS4.

Although unconfirmed by Sony, an official statement could still be in the works for E3 2016 later this year.

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