Bethesda have revealed a new trailer for Doom which shows off more of the game – specifically, the multiplayer function. Two terrifying new demons, Baron of Hell and Prowler, have been showcased in the trailer and they’re playable in the game’s multiplayer mode. To combat these new foes, if you happen to be on the opposing side, the game gives you new power-ups and some incredible power weapons.

Invisibility is pretty self-explanatory. Whilst invisible, sneak up on foes and take them down quietly. Quad Damage – a popular power-up from the Quake series – increases your weapon’s damage by 4 times the usual amount, making your enemies a breeze to kill. Equip yourself with a chainsaw and buzz your way through opponents, or use the Gauss Cannon to quickly eliminate enemies in a single shot.

Of course, there’s one more weapon that Bethesda wouldn’t have forgotten: the fearsome BFG.

Doom is shaping up to be an amazing homage to the series, as well as a fast-paced, exciting shooter. It releases on May 13 so we’ll see soon enough how it holds up in today’s gaming era.

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