A group of Star Wars fans are working hard to create a project known only as Galaxy in Turmoil.

The project had it’s beginnings as a remake of the canceled, rather controversial shooter, Star Wars Battlefront III, which was in development at Free Radical. Now that torch has passed onto a team in Russia called Frontwire Studios. They have stated that the game’s purpose is “to re-create what Battlefront III was meant to be”, as found on their ModDB page.

The creators are making their ambitious project using the popular Unreal Engine 4 and there are no plans to incorporate money – the game is to be free of charge. However, there are concerns among some groups that Disney will involve themselves and close the project for good.

Galaxy in Turmoil itself is shaping up nicely. There’s a fearsome array of weapons such as the Republic Grenade Launcher and Republic Missile Launcher, A280C Blaster Rifle, DC-15S Blaster Rifle and the Z6 Rotary Blaster Cannon. With these weapons players can fight on Hoth, Tatooine and some intriguing test areas. Finally, there are plans for the ability to fly the X-Wing and Y-Wing which will make for exciting aerial battles.

There are some plans by the creators for extra DLC after the game’s initial release. With new builds out every Monday, there’s a lot to look forward to with Galaxy in Turmoil. For other information, take a look around on the official forums.

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