Creative Assembly and Sega have announced that the undead army of the Vampires Counts will be the final playable race in Total War: Warhammer.

Hailing from the dark lands of Sylvania, the ever-expanding army of undead nightmares are lead by ruthless Chief Acolyte Manfred von Carstein. These masters of dark magic are so powerful that not only can they engulf an opposing army in darkness, but also turn their slain foes into undead allies.

As the masters of necromancy, the vast armies of the Vampire Counts contain legions of Grave Guards, Skeletons, Colossal Aberrations and bat-winged beasts; the chief among them, of course, being a Zombie Dragon that is capable of killing other winged enemies mid-air and devouring them in a single bite.

The Vampire Counts are accompanying the Empire, Greenskins and Dwarves as the last of the playable races fighting for control of battle scarred lands in Total War: Warhammer. The game will be available for PCs on May 24.


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