Ubisoft have revealed their plans for Tom Clancy’s The Division following release. These include two free updates planned in the next couple of months: Incursions and Conflict.

Incursions, arriving in April, is an end-game mode built for teams of players. Together with a group, you can take on higher-level opponents and come out victorious, earning better loot and some sweet gear. There will also be a secondary feature very much requested by the community: loot trading. During a co-op session, players can exchange loot that they find with one another until everyone’s happy.

Conflict, arriving in May, will add more features to the PvP area Dark Zone, as well as a new incursion in the Columbus Circle for players to get their teeth into.

But there’s not just free DLC, oh no. There are plans for three paid expansions to be released during the year, both adding to the main story and introducing new gameplay, gear and just a ton of new content.

The first paid expansion is Underground. Due out in June, it will allow players to venture into the depths of the underworld of New York City. With up to three other Agents, they must find and destroy their enemies through the veritable warren of tunnel system.

The second expansion is Survival, and it be here in time for summer. Survival will add a game mode challenging players to survive. The only objective is to stay alive, collecting supplies and gathering essentials in a hostile environment.

Finally, the last expansion is Last Stand. Not much is known about it, but it’s coming in winter and threatens all players with what is described as a “relentless foe”.

The Division is just a few days away, and it already seems to have a lot more content coming in these next few months. The game and all of it’s expansions will be playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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