Hello Games’ revolutionary title of galaxy exploration, No Man’s Sky, will launch on June 21 for the PC and PS4 alongside a Collector’s Edition and exclusive Explorer’s Edition box set.

Breaking the relative silence since last year’s E3, Sean Murray from Hello Games took to the official PlayStation blog to detail a rather frank account of the past few days of production. After building up an immense amount of preparation, the developers were able to give some news outlets a brief glimpse at the game in its almost finished state and are more excited than ever to release the game.

After revealing the great news of a summer release date, Sean went further to announce a special Collector’s Edition of the game that is exclusive to the PlayStation 4. The Collector’s Edition will feature the game’s physical blu-ray disc, theme’d steel case, 48-page art book, tie-in comic book, in-game explorer’s starter kit, and lastly a dynamic theme for your PS4.

Accompanying the PS4 Collector’s Edition is the limited Explorer’s Edition box set from retailer iam8bit for the PC. The box set was designed with a bit of 50’s “futurism” nostalgia and features a 1:35 scale model of the game’s space ship which is 8″ in length. The ship comes with a special base in the shape of the Atlus logo, a removable back ground display and sticker decals to decorate the ship.

In addition to the a code for the PC version of the game, the Explorer’s box set will also contain a collectible Explorer’s Pin and mystery item all within a package specially designed by artist, Austin James. The Explorer’s Box Set is limited to only 10,000 copies that are available for $150.

No Man’s Sky launches on June 21, and is available to pre-order now on the PC and PS4.

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