Featuring all new characters, stages and Ultra Combo animations, Killer Instinct: Season 3 will be launching on Xbox One and PC on March 29.

The four new characters coming immediately to Season 3 are the previously announced Arbiter from the Halo series, Rash from Battletoads, the flamboyant enchantress Kim Wu and the Nordic beast Tusk. The announcement was made through Ultra-Combo, the official forum for the game, alongside a wealth of new screenshots and videos of each character’s Ultra Combo move.

The official press release goes further to include the recommended PC settings for Windows 10  players. Although by all means a beautifully rendered game, players can rest assured that Season 3 won’t burn out their GPUs just trying to render the Arbiter’s skin.


Pricing details have still yet to be announced, but the developer’s mentality of “pay what you want” doesn’t appear to have changed since the release of Season 2. Essentially meaning that on March 29, players will most likely get the option to purchase the fighters individually, all together and possibly even packaged with different costumes. However, It was teased that the initial four fighters from Season 3 will be followed by four more unannounced characters over the next four months after release.

Although the official release model is still to be determined, Killer Instinct: Season 3 will launch on March 29, for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Here are some of the screenshots I mentioned before.

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Main stage for Kim Wu

Tusk posing before battle


Rash executing throwing attack

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