Vampyr is the next project by Dontnod Entertainment. We’ve heard a few details about the game before, but we never seen anything more than a few concept art pieces. Today, Dontnod has finally decided to share a few screenshots with us, and I have to say they are really… dark.

If we try hard enough, it’s possible to see the environments the game will take place in – all part of early 20th century London. We can see a makeshift hospital, sinister-looking alleys, and what appears to be two vampires munching on someone. These fit well with the themes of Vampyr, as it tell the story of a doctor-turned-vampire who now must take lives instead of saving them.

Dontnod has also highlighted the game’s “dynamic real-time combat” that blends melee combat, ranged shooting mechanics and supernatural vampire powers. These powers will always come at the expanse of the protagonist’s lifeblood, and using them might give you the edge in combat, but will leave you weak afterwards. We also learn more about the types of enemies we will face – other vampires, various supernatural creatures and even vampire hunters.

Weapons will be crafted and improved via a crafting system. Bodies can be looted from materials used to create tools, weapons and special ammunition that will exploit the weaknesses of enemies.

Vampyr will be released on Pc, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.

vampyr-01 vampyr-02 vampyr-04 vampyr-03

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