An apparently reputable source at Nintendo, with a track record of being right on the money, has stepped forward with some new information about the big N’s new project – the Nintendo NX. Though it’s been veiled in mystery since its announcement, from these new rumors we can at least make educated guesses about the nature of the new console.

The NX is┬ásaid to feature a HDMI dongle which can be plugged into any HDMI port, and will use an improved version of the Wii U’s streaming technology. The analogue sticks are also going to have haptic feedback to improve immersion – if there’s something obstructing your forward motion, you’ll feel it pushing back against your analog stick.

The console will have improved social features too, going far beyond the likes of Miiverse and StreetPass. he source says that Pokemon Go will serve as an example of what the NX will be like. It’s apparently easy to develop for and comparable in power to the Xbox One. Good on you, Nintendo, you’re almost catching up.

Finally – and here’s the interesting one – the NX is said to be able to Bluetooth sync with any device, which means you can answer calls and text using the console .Overall, quite an intriguing series of statements; we’ll have to see how these turn out when we get more info about the Nintendo NX.

However, as with all leaks, we must take these with a pinch of salt. The source has correctly given information on new Pokemon games, Microsoft’s HoloLens and the specs of the PlayStation 4 in the past, so it might be likely that these facts are at least true to some degree.

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