Presented at the Monaco Anime International Conference (MAGIC), Yu Suzuki and other key developers of Shenmue III were able to give a short demonstration of what they were up to so far while developing the game. Detailing a few new aspects about the game, they were also able to show some of the beautifully rendered environments.

The images were officially shared through the PlayStation Twitter account after the presentation had finished, and hopefully are representative of what the game will look like on the PS4. While discussing some of the mechanical updates within the world, the developers have also promised that Ryo’s face will not change in the time between Shenmue II and III.

Although very little was actually confirmed, it was teased that the fight mechanics within the game will feature a higher level of interaction between the player and the controller. For a slightly closer look at the upcoming title, you can check out two short videos that show footage of the in-game weather effects and a local fishing spot.

Having completed their initial Kickstarter campaign, Ys Net can finally give players a closer look at the continued development of Shenmue III for the PC and PS4. Here it is.

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